Time ~ An Unfailing Constant

Just Jennel

Time’s the stealer and mender of souls,

on life’s breath and heart’s beat, it takes it’s toll.

It mends and it breaks, it deals and it takes,

only in time does death finds what it seeks.

Time is a giver and a star crossed lover,

It’s a soul kissing sucking provider.

With each tick it talks it counts down life’s clock,

Untill there we lay on our lifes End’s bed,

wondering where Time’s path has led?

In Time we all wonder and we all seek,

we watch and wait for life’s renewed beat.

Yet here our life sits with it’s clock – tick tick,

its sound echo’s memories, whispers of thick.

In Time there is choice, we look up above,

hear His whispers of His life-giving love.

In Time we are promised and are given

a message of love, a choice worth livin’.

In Time we are lost and yet…

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