10 Reasons I Walk my Daughter to School Everyday


Every morning I walk my daughter to school.  It’s become something she sees as a mom/daughter moment.

But it’s more than that.  These are 10 reasons I walk my daughter to school everyday.

1. It’s creates routine.

2. It’s gets my dog walked.

3. It creates an opportunity for conversation

4. There can be zero excuses for not walking anywhere because it’s too cold outside…of course this will change when it’s ridiculously cold out, I’ll drive

5. It’s not called active living.  It’s called LIVING.

6. In a time when bad things are being reported at schools, more parents need to show up and make a presence both on the school grounds and on the streets.

7. It teaches my daughter to take the road less traveled.

8. Because I can.  She’s going to be too cool for me one day and I’m going to enjoy it now.

9. It gets me outside and moving in the elements.

10.  Makes me appreciate my surroundings.  Stop and smell the roses and take part in your community.


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