It’s Just Me, Jennel

Most of you know my writings from my blog "The Vanessa Chronicles." I had started the blog seven years ago as a means to express myself, as an outlet during a time when my world was turned upside down. In a way I went a little mad. I felt as if I were going crazy, … Continue reading It’s Just Me, Jennel


Deconstructing Chaos

Back to the Basics Remember when things were less complicated?  The ebb and flow of chaos in life consisted of Sunday afternoon sit down dinners, school lunch was homemade and music lyrics had depth and meaning?  Remember when summers consisted of picking berries and gathering firewood in prep for the winter and family dinners weren’t … Continue reading Deconstructing Chaos

Tis the Season of Gratitude

Gratitude in the Workplace Have you ever read or heard a word spoken and the thought comes to you “WOW, great word usage?”  It happens to me all the time.  I love words, especially ones that sink deep. Sometimes one word can describe a thought or emotion with such clarity and depth that no other … Continue reading Tis the Season of Gratitude