Jezebel – The Day After

Click Here to Read Part 1: If I were to tell you that life to this point was bordering on the mundane, I would be lying to you. My life has been known to be a seesaw of events, especially over the past few years at the time of this event, as the saga … Continue reading Jezebel – The Day After


Through the Smartphone Looking Glass

About a year ago through the wonders of social media, a friend serving in Afghanistan and the cross connected world that we all share, I made a friend. Our opening conversations were random, sometimes ridiculous, with a hint of curiosity, but always genuine. Every so often, events in life, would spark up those topics of life … Continue reading Through the Smartphone Looking Glass

Afternoon Tea with Fear Part One

"I know you" he said as he sipped his tea, none too hot for his tongue. "Surely you know me not" I countered casually, waiting for my tea to cool. He smiled and paused before another sip. His eyes sparkled in the rays of the sun, but it was his teeth that grabbed me so and in a … Continue reading Afternoon Tea with Fear Part One